...a worthy cultural ambassador

of the splendid Italian people
for which I have always felt
a deep love and respect


Musician, teacher, researcher and composer, Marcello Fantoni has always alternated his area of interest between research, teaching and giving concerts, paying particular attention to chamber music with guitar written by 20th Century Composers. His continuous interest in searching and improving his deeper understanding of the guitar's repertoire led him, in 2014, to rediscover and record the works for and with guitar by the Sevillian composer Manuel Castillo (1930- 2005). In 2015, this musical corpus has been published in the world premiere recording by Naxos Records label getting since then great relevance and considerable importance in history and musicology. This CD, in fact, has succeeded in bringing together, for the first time, the most important Castillo's guitar works. As result of this previous collaboration with Naxos, he has signed two new agreements with the same label to record and release two CDs both with music by the great virtuoso guitarist and composer Luigi Rinaldo Legnani (1790-1877). The former, based entirely on Rossini's Opera themes, Arias and Ouverture themes, has just published in July 2017. The latter will be relased in January 2018. In 2014 the composer Tomás Marco dedicated to Marcello Fantoni the last chamber work for guitar, the Trio Concertante n. 5 "Cartografias of Melodrama" (for flute, viola and guitar). Previously, he focused to the same madrid composer particular attention publishing, for DYNAMIC label, two CDs: the former "Works For Guitar" (2012) and the latter "Chamber Works For Guitar" (2013), entirely dedicated to the music for solo guitar and ensemble with guitar by the composer himself. The first CD the same Tomas Marco writes: "... I think it's a wonderful job and I think for that reason it will be a reference recording for the future ...". "Chamber Works For Guitar" contains the world premiere recordings of several Tomas Marco's chamber works. It has been broadcasted on live Radio Rai 3, on 17th September 2013, by Valentina Lo Surdo during the program "First Movement". On 8th December 2013, RTVE (Radiotelevisión Española) has dedicated wide space to the presentation of this record work throughout the radio program "Musica viva". A long interview with the composer has been alternated with hearing of extracts from the CD (it's possible to download and listen to it from the RTVE Spanish website). He obtained in 2007 the Master Degree with top marks and honors in "Musical Disciplines - Guitar" at the Conservatory "L. Cherubini" in Florence. He studied here with Paolo Paolini and Alfonso Borghese, attending the annual master classes by Eduardo Fernandez (2005), Timo Koronen (2005), Leo Brouwer (2006) and Pavel Steidel (2006) also. Previously, in 1996, he obtained the Classical Guitar Degree at the Conservatory "G. Verdi" of Milan - graduating brilliantly achieving the highest grades and honors in interpretation test. Here, in the same Institution, he studied for a short time composition with Danilo Lorenzini and Davide Anzaghi. Eliot Fisk, with whom he continued his studies at the Mozarteum in Salzburg (where he was admitted in 1996), tells about him ".. I consider Marcello Fantoni a cultural ambassador worthy of the great Italian people for whom I have always felt a deep love and respect." He attended also the Leo Brouwer's master classes in Cordoba and in Siena, at the Accademia Chigiana, the Oscar Ghiglia ones, winning the scholarship and a diploma of merit. During these years, as a student of the Conservatory "G. Verdi" of Milan, he has recorded two contemporary works by the italian composer Davide Gualtieri for IRTEM-Documents Label, playing as well with the Grande Orchestra Sinfonica "Giuseppe Verdi" during the recording of several Bruno Maderna works. The ARAM Association in Rome pointed out him as emerging talent and inviting him to play within its concert season at the Discoteca di Stato in Rome. His compositions have been published by Sinfonica: "Perpetuum - (tribute to Egberto Gismonti)" for classical guitar solo, and "Music for Flute And Guitar of Marcello Fantoni" (with a CD recording of the same pieces performed together with flutist Daniela Pisano (Tribute to Michel Petrucciani "," Tribute to Manuel de Falla "and" Sonata Simple (Simple Song / Air / Choro Simple). He won in 1996 the "Sergio Dragoni" Foundation grants for the best students of the Conservatory of Milan as well as the European Competition launched by Berben music editor House, and the already mentioned Accademia Chigiana Scholarship.

He took part in several national and international guitar competitions getting the following prizes:

  • 1997 1st Prize 3rd National Guitar Competition "Giulio Rospigliosi" Lamporecchio
  • 1997 2nd Prize National Competition Of MUSICAL INTERPRETATION "Racconigi City"
  • 1997 2nd Prize International Competition "Rovere d'Oro" San Bartolomeo al Mare - Imperia
  • 1995 3rd Prize 6th International Competition city of Lodi
  • 1994 1st Prize in XIII Genoa National Guitar Competition P.TARAFFO
  • 1994 3rd Prize The National Competition AGIMUS Varenna
  • 1991 3rd Prize 26 th international competition "the conquest of the classical guitar" - Academy of Classical Guitar - Milano

He has always been interested in many non-European musical genres also, playing as a soloist together with many musicians with different musical backgrounds and giving concerts both in Italy and abroad facing a repertoire ranging from Renaissance music up to jazz and contemporary music. His CDs are released worldwide by Naxos getting always great appreciations and praises.




1) Works for guitar


worldwide released by January 2018

Op. 1 Terremoto con variazioni
Op. 3 Gran ricercario o studio
Op. 4 Tema con variazioni sul terzetto "Pria che l'impegno" di Joseph Weigl (based on a Joseph Weigl's theme)
Op. 6 Gran Capriccio
Op. 10 Scherzo con Variazioni [Scherzo / ossia / quattro Variazioni]
Op. 11 RONDEAU pour la guitarre
Op. 12 Gran Variazioni sopra un Motivo Tirolese
Op. 16 Gran variazioni sul duetto, "Nel cor piu non mi sento," nell'opera "La Molinara" (based on a Giovanni Paisiello's theme)



2) Works for guitar based on Rossini's operas

released by July 2017

Ouverture de l'Italien a Alger [Gran Sinfonia] Op. 2
Andante & Allegro dell 'overtura nell' Opera Guglielmo Tell Op. 202
5 Duetto Ai Capricci della sorte Nell Opera L'Italiana in Algeri, Op. 5
Cavatina "Languir per una bella" Nell Opera L'Italiana in Algeri, Op. 7
Coro e rondo "Pensa alla patria" nell'opera "L'Italiana in Algeri", Op. 8
Cavatine (Oh quante Lagrime) de l'opera "La dame du lac", Op. 18
Introduzione e Variazioni sopra la Cavatina "Sorte Secondami" nell'opera Zelmira, Op. 21
Variazioni sopra la marcia nell'opera La donna del Lago, Op. 24
Variations agréables sur la Romance Favorite de Cendrillon , Op. 30
4 Variazioni sul tema dell'Armida "Cara per te quest'anima.



"Manuel Castillo Guitar Music"

worldwide released by march 2015

Sonata para Guitarra, Kasidas de Alcazar, Tres Preludios, Vientecillo de Primavera, Qunteto con Guitarra, Cancion de Cuna


Castillo String Quartet (Elton Tola,Marco Corsini, Matteo Del Soldà , Andrea Anzalone)

Marco Ramelli (guitar)

Eleonora Mosca (Voice)


Tomás Marco: Chamber Works for Guitar

La Nuit De Bordeaux, Imprecación De Tindaya, Verde Viento, Partita De Espejos,Tapices y Disparates


Archimia String Quartet

Davide Gandino (Flute)

Marco Ramelli and Stefano Sanzogni (Guitars)

Piercarlo Sacco (Violin).


Tomás Marco: Works for Guitar

22 Tarots, Presto Mormorando, Sonata de Fuego



PLAY Fiammetta

PLAY Llamarada

PLAY Gli innamorati

PLAY Il carro

PLAY La giustizia

PLAY L'eremita

PLAY La ruota della fortuna

PLAY La forza

PLAY La morte

PLAY La stella

PLAY La luna

PLAY Il mondo

PLAY Presto mormorando

Marcello Fantoni (guit.) e Elena Ceranini (voice)

Davide Gualtieri: Notte di sobborgo

Featuring: l'Irtem Ensemble: A. Alberti, F. Chimienti, G. Hoffer, M. Fantoni, S. Rossi, C. Sacchi, R. Vicchi


PLAY Corri come il vento dell'alba

PLAY Il Danubio scorreva

Marcello Fantoni

Works for flute and guitar

Ed. Sinfonica

>> buy score


PLAY Canzone semplice

PLAY A scuola

PLAY Una canzone semplice a scuola

PLAY Omaggio a Manuel De Falla

PLAY Omaggio a Michel Petrucciani

Marcello Fantoni


Ed. Sinfonica


Marcello Fantoni

Marcello Fantoni

  • Tomàs Marco - La Justice

    Tomàs Marco

    La Justice

    Marcello Fantoni, chitarra

  • Tomàs Marco - L'Hermite

    Tomàs Marco


    Marcello Fantoni, chitarra

  • Tomás Marco - Le Bateleur

    Tomàs Marco

    Le Bateleur

    Marcello Fantoni, chitarra

  • Tomàs Marco - Le Monde

    Tomàs Marco

    Le Monde

    Marcello Fantoni, chitarra

  • Tomàs Marco - Le Chariot

    Tomàs Marco

    Le Chariot

    Marcello Fantoni, chitarra

  • Miguel Llobet - Canço del Lladre

    Miguel Llobet

    Canço del Lladre

    Marcello Fantoni, chitarra

  • Canço de Cuna

    Canço de Cuna

    Marcello Fantoni, chitarra

  • Astor Piazzola - Bordel 1900

    Astor Piazzola

    Bordel 1900

    Marcello Fantoni, chitarra | Davide Gandino, flauto

  • Astor Piazzola - Café 1930

    Astor Piazzola

    Café 1930

    Marcello Fantoni, chitarra | Davide Gandino, flauto

  • Astor Piazzola - Nightclub 1960

    Astor Piazzola

    Nightclub 1960

    Marcello Fantoni, chitarra | Davide Gandino, flauto

  • M.D. Pujol Suite Buenos Aires «Palermo»

    C. Machado

    Musiques populaires brésiliennes "Parçoco" (Choro)

    Daniela Pisano, flauto | Marcello Fantoni, chitarra
    Tratto dal concerto "Flauto e chitarra in caffè concert"


What They Say About Us

Francesco Biraghi

Fronimo n.159 - July 2012 (p. 58/59)

review of CD "Tomàs Marco: Works For Guitar" - Dynamic 2012

"... Brilliant and eclectic guitarist who trained in Milan under the guidance of Paolo Paolini..."

"... The twenty-two pieces performed at the opening of the program find  in Fantoni an interpreter of great valu..."

"... Songs like The Justice or L'Hermite are in fact played ​​with excellent poetic vision, and when there is to show off  a formidable instrumental virtuosity, Fantoni does not seem to have complex, as for example in The Chariot whose rapid chromatics notes are truly wondrous fast..."

"... With a very fiery reading of the entire work (Sonata de Fuego)... In summary this is a very good value CD, with an interpretation of his most electrifying technical... and with frequent moments of poetry..."

download review

Marco Riboni

Amadeus - July/August 2012

review of CD "Tomàs Marco: Works For Guitar" - Dynamic 2012

"... Fantoni does present an excellent interpretation, displaying remarkable musical gift and virtuosic quality  sometimes really spectacular and fireworks, absolutely necessary to face the great difficulty of this music."

download review

Melómano - June 2012

review of CD "Tomàs Marco: Works For Guitar" - Dynamic 2012

"... a proverbial Fantoni'CD that he defends with sweeping emotion ability through very balanced domain of technique and expression..."

download review

2Javier Suárez-Pajares

diverdi.com - May 2012

review of CD "Tomàs Marco: Works For Guitar" - Dynamic 2012

"The program chosen by the Italian guitarist Marcello Fantoni for this monographic work and in which shows a high technical expertise and considerable interpretive skills necessary for a music that must always be kept in a delicate balance over the void of vulgarity."


Hy! This is a great day for me! I just knew that my last CD on Legnani's music Works for guitar based on on Rossini's Operas music is at the 5th position of the August Twenty Naxos best Sellers! I hope you will really enjoy it!




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